Ricard WS, Race 1: double win for the SMP Racing Ferraris

SMP Racing Russian BearsSMP Racing Russian Bears took a brilliant double win in today’s first race of the Paul Ricard Winter Series. On a sunny but windy day, Daniel Zampieri –Roman Mavlanov beat team mates José Manuel Pérez-Aicart – Vyecheslav Maleev, at the wheel of the Baporo-prepared Ferraris F458 with the AF Corse car of the Talkanitsas taking third.

Race 1 starts without the third-fastest in qualifying Matteo Cairoli (Ombra Ferrari) because of an ignition problem, while Sdanewitsch kicks off from the pits. The two Baporo Ferraris, on row 1, keep control of the situation but it is Pérez-Aicart taking the lead ahead of Zampieri. At first corner, Kemenater is off the track, while shortly after, it’s Gattuso spinning. The Porsche of Dermont has to stop, and one lap later, it’s Seyffarth in the pits because of a punctured tire.

First laps see Aicart ahead of Zampieri, the pair building quickly a 10-second gap on Broniszewski, Talkanitsa, Gattuso, Montermini and Piccini. In lap 7, Broniszewski loses two positions, and one lap later, Zampieri takes the lead from Aicart.

After the pit stop, it’s Mavlanov leading with 6” on Maleev, then Talkanitsa at 15” and Broniszewski at 24” behind, followed by Cordoni and Rugolo. Positions do not change until the finish, with the Seyffarth Mercedes stopping again in the pits in the last lap.

Source. International GT Open


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