Costantini-Sicart complete Ombra’s strong line-up

Ombra RacingOmbra Racing has revealed the line-up of its other car for the International GT Open, which will be entrusted to Stefano Costantini and Alan Sicart. With the already-confirmed Stefano Gattuso-Mario Cordoni, the light blue Ferraris F458 GT3 of the Italian squad will constitute a force to count with for top honors in the 2014 Championship.

Rome-born Stafano Costantini (31) made an impressive first season in the GT Open last year while Spain’s Alan Sicart (27) has been a Spanish Endurance (CER) CChampion in 2011 and a regular top contender in the Spanish GT.

Davide Mazzoleni, Team Manager of the Bergamo-based squad, confirms: “I’m really glad that we were able to put together such a competitive line-up for our third GT Open campaign. We feel that after last year’s experience the team is definitely ready to achieve, and I believe that we have the right driver pairings to aim for the timesheets’ top lines.”

Source. International GT Open


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